The BikePal motorcycle dolly

Every Biker’s Best Friend


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Eliminate frustration when trying to maneuver your bike


If you’ve ever tried to get your motorcycle close to a wall or corner so that it doesn’t get in the way of the car, you’ll love the maneuvering

capability of The BikePal motorcycle dolly™.  Moving your motorcycle into the corner or close to the wall is now accomplished with the push

of one hand.


Save your back and eliminate risk of dropping your bike


Motorcycles are getting bigger and heavier which makes maneuvering a challenge and finding space even a bigger one.

The BikePal motorcycle dolly™ eliminates the risk of your feet sliding out from under you when your maneuvering your motorcycle into position.

It also eliminates the back breaking effort required to get a bike back up into position after it’s fallen over.


Ergonomically designed to allow your bike to rest in its natural position


The main channel is designed with a 35° angle to allow your motorcycle to rest in its natural position.  This unique design ensures

that the front and rear wheels rest naturally on the main channel without tension. 


Small footprint


The BikePal motorcycle dolly™ was designed so that the overall footprint is not larger than the motorcycle itself conserving precious floor

real estate. 


Unique locking mechanism for easy loading and unloading


The BikePal motorcycle dolly™ utilizes a unique locking system that keeps The BikePal motorcycle dolly™ firmly in position when

loading and unloading your motorcycle.  The cam mechanism lever allows you to easily lock and unlock the heaviest of bikes with ease.


Everyday use, not just for storage


The BikePal motorcycle dolly™ is intended for everyday use.  It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

When going out for a ride,

  1. Swing The BikePal motorcycle dolly™, now holding your motorcycle, around so that your motorcycle faces the driveway,
  2. Engage the locking mechanism,
  3. Start your motorcycle and drive off The BikePal motorcycle dolly™.


When you return,

  1. Disengage the locking mechanism and swing The BikePal motorcycle dolly™ around so that it is now facing the back of the garage.
  2. Engage the locking mechanism,
  3. Ride your bike onto The BikePal motorcycle dolly™, turn the key off and push your motorcycle into a corner or right up against the wall.


If you don’t have room to swing The BikePal motorcycle dolly™ completely around, you can back your bike off and then ride it on when

you are finished.


Moves easily with one hand


The BikePal motorcycle dolly™ was designed to allow you to maneuver your motorcycle with ease.


10 heavy duty non marking castors for smooth rolling


The industrial quality castors utilize ball-bearings for 360° swiveling and on the wheel shafts to ensure smooth rolling.  The wheels are made

of non marking hard rubber for durability and sound reduction.


1500 pound capacity


The BikePal motorcycle dolly™ was designed to accommodate the heaviest motorcycles on the market plus their drivers.


Adjustable side stand tray to fit any motorcycle


The BikePal motorcycle dolly™ has an adjustable the side stand tray that accommodates any motorcycle on the market.


Baked on finish for long lasting durability


The BikePal motorcycle dolly™ is powder coated using an electrostatic field which attracts the paint powder to the steel chassis for an

even application.  Once the powder is fully applied, the entire unit is then baked which provides an extremely durable industrial finish

that will not chip or peel, especially when the hot wheels are parked on it.


Made of heavy gauge steel for long lasting durability


We believe that longevity can only be achieved by using quality materials. The BikePal motorcycle dolly™ is manufactured using

heavy gauge steel and bracing to ensure stability and rigidity for long lasting use.












The BikePal ™motorcycle dolly is a Trade Mark of The BikePal Inc., Campbellville, Ontario


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