The BikePal motorcycle dolly

Every Biker’s Best Friend


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D’Alessandro & Associates Inc. was founded in 1997. Our services include technology management consulting, application development, manufacturing consumer based products and other niche services required by the consumer community.


Our consulting services have been focused in the financial services industry and have proven to be very successful.  This success has allowed us to diversify and invest resources in research and development necessary to produce quality based consumer products and services.


The BikePal Inc. was founded in 2005 to help solve the daunting task of maneuvering a motorcycle within the garage.  We believe The BikePal motorcycle dolly™ will be embraced by every motorcycle rider as an everyday “must have” productivity tool.  As motorcycles become larger and heavier, the skills and strength required to maneuver a motorcycle becomes more and more a challenge.  The purpose of The BikePal motorcycle dolly™ is to allow all riders, women and men, to easily park and maneuver a motorcycle in and around the garage.  For women who are embracing motorcycle riding in record numbers, The BikePal motorcycle dolly™ allows them to easily manage the weight of the motorcycle with no worries of dropping it.


In 2011, The BikePal was redesigned and improved including support for wider back tires.  The high performance Santex powder coating and stainless steel detailing now gives the product a sophisticated look for the discriminating buyer.


The BikePal also introduced a new innovative Chopper Dolly in 2011, the first of its kind anywhere, using the same strategy and technology used in the standard model.  The BikePal chopper dolly was designed to accommodate choppers with rear tires up to 300mm and virtually any length.


2016 will be an exciting year with several new product launches.


The BikePal products have become synonymous with quality and we challenge anyone to find a better quality product anywhere.



The BikePal ™motorcycle dolly is a Trade Mark of The BikePal Inc., Campbellville, Ontario


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